How to Make Mississippi Mud Cheesecake

Drenched in chocolate and marshmallow cream, this crazy cheesecake rendition of the classic chocolaty cake will win the day! From the crust of crushed animal crackers, instant coffee, sugar and butter, to a rich filling of sugar, cocoa, coffee, cream cheese, eggs, vanilla and pecans, the tasty veneer of chocolate sauce, marshmallow cream and crushed pecans will win over everyone and inspire great happiness.

How to Make Pastitsio

Spoon up big portions of this hearty Greek classic to the acclaim of your friends and family—you’ll love how this recipe is designed to feed a crowd. Cooked ziti pasta is tossed with brown butter, Parmesan cheese, nutmeg, salt, pepper and eggs and layered in a baking dish with a meat sauce made with ground beef cooked with onion and garlic, tomato paste, red wine, broth and parsley. Finally, a rich béchamel joins all the ingredients along with extra Parmesan. Baked up bubbly, this dish is irresistible.

How to Make Chili Lime Shrimp Fajitas

Make it a summer meal to remember with these quick, easy and delicious fajitas! Fill up flour tortillas with a zesty combination of shrimp marinated in olive oil, cilantro, chili powder, garlic, lime juice and salt. Top with sautéed onion, green bell pepper and serrano chili, and to serve load up the cheddar cheese, lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes and cilantro.

How to Make A French Toast Sandwich

Make a brunch to impress or simply a breakfast to charm with totally indulgent stuffed French toast drenched in hot citrus syrup. Cook together red wine, orange juice and zest, maple syrup and crushed red pepper, then make sandwiches with whole wheat bread filled with cream cheese and fresh blueberries. Dip in egg and milk, fry in butter, and serve hot for pure morning breakfast bliss!

How to Make Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches

Cook with Southern confidence and make tomatoes the star of the meal! Dip slices of green tomato in egg and cornmeal and fry up crispy, then sandwich between two slices of sourdough along with fresh red tomatoes, pepperjack cheese and pickled jalapenos. Grill until golden and melted, then savor every flavorful bite.

How to Make Addictive Asian Beef Slaw

Give in to your temptation to try the latest and greatest Crack Slaw, and you’ll never look back after you enjoy this easy and tasty recipe. Blend red and white cabbage, carrots and red bell pepper with ground beef seasoned with ginger and garlic. Toss with soy sauce, sesame oil and hot sauce, and enjoy large portions with lime wedges and cilantro.

How to Make Mark’s English Sausage Rolls

Whether for snacking with beers or enjoying next to eggs for breakfast, these classic English pub rolls are totally delicious and super easy to make. Puff pastry squares are brushed with Dijon mustard then wrapped around logs of pork sausage, brushed with egg and baked until golden and tempting.

How to Make Candied-Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Make it an easy and delicious night with this impressive sheet-pan chicken dinner that’s ready in under an hour! First cover the sheet pan with a mixture of riced cauliflower, olive oil, garlic, thyme and salt and pepper, then top with chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and season with brown sugar and chili powder. Bake until brown and garnish with toasted pecans and parsley for a complete and nutritious meal.

How to Make Orzo and Chicken Stuffed Peppers

Try this orzo pasta-filled version of the classic stuffed pepper dish. Melt butter in olive oil and sauté green onions, garlic, chicken, black pepper, cumin, orzo pasta and chicken broth. Stuff a color assortment of bell peppers with this savory mixture, top with Parmesan cheese and bake. Garnish with Portobello mushrooms and green onions sautéed in butter and serve.

How To Make Black Forest Pancake Cake

Indulge in your love of dessert at breakfast with this dreamy brunch layer cake constructed of six rich cocoa pancakes glazed with vodka-infused cherry puree or preserves and frosted with clouds of whipped cream. Garnished with chocolate shavings and sweet cherries, this delicious treat will be the ultimate brunch showstopper!